A Friendly Ear

Sometimes, you just want to talk to someone who’s been through it.

Someone who has grieved the loss of a friend, sibling or spouse. Someone who knows how difficult it is after retirement. Someone who understands both the bittersweet benefits of aging.

The Peer Counseling Program at North Range Behavioral Health may be an answer.

The program, established in 1976, provides outreach counseling services to those 60 years and older in both north and south Weld County. The peer counselors themselves are at least 55 and are highly trained, skilled paraprofessionals. The peer counselors provide supportive counseling to clients in their homes or apartments, assisted living or long-term care facilities. Supported in part by the Area Agency on Aging, these services are provided at no cost. Donations are also accepted.

The peers – both males and females – provide encouragement and support to help older adults learn to cope with emotional difficulties. A licensed professional counselor with experience in gerontology supervises them. Spanish-speaking counselors are available.

Peer counselors have a wide variety of education, knowledge, experience, talent, and skills. As older adults themselves, they may have similar experiences to the clients and understand the challenges of aging. Best of all, they are friendly, compassionate, and non-judgmental.

This program was featured in the Greeley Tribune in March 2017.

To learn more, contact Dee McClure at North Range Behavioral Health, 970.347.2420 or 970.347.2120.

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