Boost Your Emotional Wellness by Spreading Calm

Every time you practice calm, you add calmness to the world. - Unknown

Ripples, however small, slowly move out from the source and create an impact far beyond what we can imagine. Likewise, when we bring calm to someone’s day, we not only impact their life, we also impact the lives of those around them. We may not see the impact our actions make, but we can trust that no act of calm is ever wasted. Calm passes from person to person, rippling out into the wider community.

Understanding our level of emotional wellness is important in all areas of life: our workplaces, homes, places of worship, educational institutions, healthcare, and first responder systems, etc. Yet emotional regulation and calm-spreading habits do not always come naturally – especially during challenging times. To support the emotional wellness of our community, North Range offers wellness education workshops that teach simple and effective ways to boost our own emotional wellness and create ripples of calm. These workshops are available at no cost.

  • Compassion Fatigue: Compassion fatigue is defined as a set of negative consequences experienced by people who serve in helping roles. When compassion fatigue sets in, it often looks like exhaustion, frustration, depression, or fear. This workshop helps us learn how to recognize the signs of compassion fatigue and proactively protect our well-being.
  • De-Escalation: Sometimes it feels as if typical interactions are escalating quicker than ever. De-escalation training offers strategies and techniques that can help us stabilize situations and maintain our own sense of calm within the chaos.
  • De-Stressing with Mindfulness: Learning to regulate our emotions boosts our emotional wellness. In this workshop, we learn how to take brain breaks that build resilience and serenity, manage stress with progressive muscle relaxation, and strengthen our own sense of empowerment during difficult times.
  • De-Stressing the Holiday Season: Holidays are often considered times of joy and celebration, but for many, they can also be times of extreme stress, pressure, and exhaustion. As the holiday season approaches, stock up on tools and strategies that help support emotional wellness.

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