Enhancing Critical Mental Health Support Services throughout Weld

The Weld Trust® teams up with North Range Behavioral Health to enhance critical mental health support services throughout Weld

Carbon Valley and surrounding communities, nestled in southern Weld County with beautiful views of the front range and eastern prairies, have always prided themselves on their resilience and self-sufficiency. The Weld Trust® and North Range Behavioral Health have found a way to help these communities grow even stronger.

Thanks to a generous grant from The Weld Trust, North Range recently opened The Crisis Resiliency Center in Frederick, a safe and inviting place for people experiencing a crisis or who might need critical emotional support before a crisis occurs. At The Crisis Resiliency Center, mental health professionals offer in-the-moment help and behavioral health care, making the center a new, much-needed option for people in fast-growing southern Weld County.

Anyone coming in will find a comfortable environment with friendly, trained staff who can evaluate and treat those in crisis. Previously, individuals who might be dealing with crises related to mental health and/or substance use disorders had to go to Longmont, Greeley, local hospitals and law enforcement, or the metro area for help. The newly opened Crisis Resiliency Center now offers residents another option. The Center’s operating hours are currently 8 am – 5 pm; Monday through Friday, with plans in place to soon offer extended hours.

The Weld Trust grant also supports an expansion of the important work done by the North Range Suicide Education and Support Services (SESS) team. This additional funding enables SESS to offer more local suicide prevention trainings such as SAFE:TEEN and QPR (Question-Persuade-Refer), education that helps reduce the stigma that keeps teens and adults from getting help when they are thinking about suicide.

“North Range is helping fill a huge gap in suicide prevention and crisis intervention in our area,” shared Abby Hicks, Mead High School Health teacher. Hicks knows that many of her students suffer from anxiety and stress and sees first-hand how suicide prevention and crisis support are needed by people of all ages. “My kids truly appreciate having these honest and relatable conversations about mental health and suicide. It’s critical we talk frankly about these serious issues with students, but with professionalism and care. More SESS programming is always needed–and it’s wonderful that we can tell our students that your crisis center is not too far away in case they need it.”

North Range knows that strong connections with local businesses, agencies, and law enforcement are the basis for a comprehensive behavioral health safety net for southern Weld. The generosity of The Weld Trust ensures that this safety net will serve these resilient, proud communities in the years to come.

Support through the Crisis Resiliency Center is available by calling 970.347.2120 (option 2) or visiting 5901 Majestic Street in Frederick.

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