North Range’s 2022 Community Champion for Behavioral Health

North Range Behavioral Health’s Board of Directors has proudly named Mark Romero of Greeley-Evans School District 6 as the 2022 Community Champion of Behavioral Health.

An outstanding advocate for mental health in Weld County, Romero prioritizes the students in our community above all else through his work for the district. As a Student Facilitator, Romero provides vital support for students who are struggling with school attendance by meeting with families, conducting home visits, and making referrals to North Range’s Day Reporting Center. The Day Reporting Center (DRC) is a safe space for teens where they learn and practice emotional skills that will foster their success in school and at home.

“I believe that it is all about relationships. You need to build positive relationships where kids and families trust themselves, each other, and me. We do that by being open, honest, and realistic. I offer as much hope as I can.” says Romero.

“Mark works with youth in the district who are at risk of dropping out or expulsion and have poor attendance or behavioral issues, and works with our staff to provide them with essential services,” says Kelly Slade, Program Director of Intensive Youth and Family Services. “He is a huge advocate for students and works tirelessly to build a relationship with them and help them meet their own goals. He is compassionate, empathetic, and goes above and beyond to meet with families and work with the kids and North Range.”

With 35 years working with Weld County schools, 28 of those years with Greeley-Evans School District 6, Romero says his goal is to create and strengthen bonds with students. “My parents were both educators and I strive to carry on their legacy by helping children and families. They taught me to always ask ‘Is this good for kids?’ Before I make any kind of decision, I always ask myself whether this is the right decision for the student. We want them to feel confident about the present and excited about their future.”

His work helps students become mentally healthy, so they are more likely to go to school ready to learn, develop healthy relationships, actively engage in school activities, and thrive academically and personally. North Range Behavioral Health is honored to celebrate Mark Romero’s dedication to his students and his support of the mental wellbeing of youth in our community.

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