North Range Behavioral Health’s CEO, Larry Pottorff, named Sunrise Community Health Champion

Sunrise Community Health has awarded North Range Behavioral Health’s CEO, Larry Pottorff the 2022 Sunrise Community Health Champion Award. While presenting the award, Sunrise Community Health Center’s CEO, Mitzi Moran reflected on Larry’s commitment to community health in Weld County:

Larry Pottorff and

I’ve had the privilege and joy of working with Larry for my entire 24-year career at Sunrise. When I think of Larry, two words come to mind: “Better Together.”

North Range Behavioral Health's and Sunrise’s unique and lauded partnership began under the leadership of our previous executive directors, Wayne Maxwell and Mike Bloom. During our time as CEOs of both agencies, Larry and I have continued this shared legacy of collaboration – and we’ve supersized it.

Our 100% collaborative integrated care model is unique. It allows the Sunrise medical providers and North Range behavioral health providers to treat the whole person in one setting. Our patients and clients are better served when we work together. We’re also able to maximize funding and staffing resources through this model, making our agencies more cost-effective.

Neither of us thinks of expansion, creating new programs, or policy changes without the other. When Sunrise opens new clinics, they are designed with North Range’s presence in mind. When the Sunrise team experiences behavioral health crises, we know North Range is there for us. When North Range’s team needs medical support, we are there for them.

I am ever so grateful for Larry’s ongoing commitment to our collaborative integrated care model. Our community is healthier, and our staff are more supported and empowered to own their expertise, working to the top of their license.

Thank you, Larry, for your kind, calm, thoughtful leadership. Your contributions have been a touchstone for me and for so many. It has been a true privilege and an honor to serve with you and to grow our “Better Together” integrated care model with you.

Mitzi Moran, Sunrise Community Health CEO, August 2022

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