pro-dev-introNorth Range Behavioral Health believes in the professional development of each employee. We invest in upgrading the competency of each employee through work experience, supervision, and training. Well-informed, trained staff results in high-quality, innovative services for our customers, as well as highly engaged employees. North Range Behavioral Health values employee longevity and promotes career development for our employees.

North Range Behavioral Health believes that regular, quality administrative and clinical supervision is essential in developing and growing skilled and competent staff in all levels of the organization.

For clinical employees, the degree of clinical supervision one receives will be based on his or her certification requirements, training, education, experience, and individual training needs. Whenever appropriate, North Range Behavioral Health qualified personnel will provide supervision to assist employees in meeting the requirements for licensure or certification in areas identified as necessary by North Range Behavioral Health.

Licensing Support
Professional/personal licensing and certification are the responsibility of the employee. The employee is responsible for the cost of obtaining and maintaining certification/license levels, including but not limited to, participating in and documenting clinical supervision, re-certification fees, continuing education required for certification, upgrade courses, and any expenses related to participation in training.

Although it is the responsibility of the employee to maintain and upgrade certifications and licensure, North Range Behavioral Health supports training opportunities for employees when financially feasible. Such training may assist employees to meet certain continuing education requirements for certification and/or licensure.

Certified Addiction Counselor Training
As the healthcare field continues to merge to address the often diverse issues of our customers, North Range Behavioral Health has committed to expand the skills of our employees by providing Certified Addiction Counselor courses. Employees seeking to pursue this behavioral health education will need to obtain administrative approval prior to enrolling in classes.

Continuing Education and Training
North Range Behavioral Health supports the ongoing development of our employees and offers a wide range of training and continuing education opportunities. Some of these opportunities may include first aid, CPR, de-escalation, safety and Qualified Medication Administration Professional (QMAP) training. Many of our programs follow evidence-based practices, and may require staff to participate in training for such models. Several professional training opportunities are available throughout the year, and may count towards continuing education credits. Additionally, our internet based staff training and development program offers employees a wide range of topics, from required clinical courses to basic computer skills training.

North Range Behavioral Health also offers training opportunities to our local community. Our organization provides Mental Health First Aid (MHFA), a course designed to give members of the community key skills to help someone who is developing or experiencing a mental health problem or crisis. MHFA training is offered throughout the year. In addition, North Range Behavioral Health provides individualized health and wellness presentations to businesses, schools, civic groups, and other organizations to help raise awareness and educate the community about stress, suicide, underage drinking and drug abuse, and other topics focused on keeping our minds healthy.

To read more about these programs, click here.

Loan Repayment Programs

Colorado Health Service Corps and National Health Service Corps
North Range Behavioral Health participates in both the Colorado and National Health Service Corps programs. These programs repay the educational loans of licensed providers who agree to practice in areas with a health professional shortage for a designated period of time. The county we serve, Weld, is designated as a mental health professional shortage area and North Range Behavioral Health has several approved sites for providers. Long-term retention of health professionals in underserved communities are the emphasis of these programs. Please visit their websites for more information on eligibility requirements and the application process.

The Colorado Health Service Corps is an opportunity for you to serve in communities where primary health care professionals are in high demand. The Corps offers generous student loan repayment in exchange for your service at clinical practice sites caring for Coloradans in greatest need.

For more information about the National Health Services Corps, visit their website at

Scholarship and Internship Opportunities

Multicultural Professional Development Program
As the population of Northern Colorado has grown, so has the need to provide quality behavioral health services to all populations. Certain members or our community have been underserved due to a shortage of bilingual/bicultural behavioral health clinicians.

The Multicultural Professional Development Program offers payment of in-state tuition, required fees, and an internship placement within the agency. In return for the educational support and clinical training provided through the Multicultural Professional Development Program, students agree to work full time for two years at North Range Behavioral Health.

Two application periods are offered each year and occur March 15th through May 15th and August 15th through October 15th. North Range Behavioral Health may decline to offer application periods based on available funding for the program. To be eligible to apply, applicants must be a current employee of North Range Behavioral Health, hold a bachelor’s degree, be of bicultural descent, be fluent in a second language and be accepted into an approved graduate program.

Internship Opportunities
North Range Behavioral Health invites students to learn in the supportive environment of our organization with supervision from experienced staff. Interns have the opportunity to participate in a variety of professional experiences, helping students to build upon their résumé.

We offer unpaid internship opportunities based on supervision and program availability. North Range Behavioral Health encourages students ranging from undergraduate to doctoral level to apply for an exciting internship with our diverse organization.

If you are interested in experiencing a fulfilling internship, prepare to apply online February 15-May 15 if you are seeking a Summer or Fall placement start date between May and November. For Spring or Summer placements starting between January and May, please apply online September 15-November 30. Applicants must apply online for full consideration.

For a quick reference regarding internship opportunities, click here for the Volunteer Internship Flyer.


“I am very fortunate to have this program to help me reach my career goals. It has made this experience much easier and more enjoyable. I always look forward to applying what I learn to the work I already do.”
Vicki, Intern, Clinical Counseling Graduate program, 2015