Good mental health leads to more good days. Raising thriving, healthy children is all-important and building young brains takes work. We understand that families often experience an overload of stress that can impact the social-emotional health of children and youth and that parents need support to help children develop the skills they need. Responsive and compassionate care from trained professionals can help. We work to empower youth and the adults in their lives – parents, family members, and caregivers – to build skills that help to create the safe, stable environments that children and teens need to weather the storms and thrive.

Our team helps keep families together by:

  • Approaching family treatment with cultural sensitivity
  • Creatively engaging family members who might be resistant to therapy
  • Focusing on strengths
  • Introducing skills and strategies that build stronger bonds
  • Providing intensive in-home intervention support
  • Reducing problematic behaviors
  • Strengthening family relationships and dynamics
  • Supporting teens and young adults who may be experiencing unusual thoughts or behaviors, or who hear or see things others do not (first-episode psychosis)

To learn more, contact us or call 970.347.2120 and ask to be connected to Family Connects services.