Children and teens have tremendous potential that we all need to foster and protect. Mentally healthy students are more likely to go to school ready to learn, develop healthy relationships, actively engage in school activities, model appropriate problem-solving behaviors, and thrive academically and personally. We know that providing access to mental health supports in school is critical to supporting mental wellness in children and youth.

Children and teens are not immune to the stresses of life. While we know that severe and persistent stress can overload our ability to manage emotions, researchers have also discovered that children can tolerate severe stress if stable, responsive adult relationships are in place to buffer the negative impact.
Our school-based support offers convenient access to effective therapy in schools throughout Weld County. North Range School-Based clinicians can help students, families, and educators work to get ahead of challenges and set everyone up for success.

Support can look like:

  • Accessible treatment for depression, adolescent substance use, anger management, truancy, or anxiety
  • Building strong social skills and coping behaviors
  • Case management for students and their families
  • Coordinated treatment interventions
  • Crisis intervention
  • Family Engagement Support
  • Individual, group, and family therapy
  • Referrals to appropriate resources
  • Screenings/Assessments

We are committed to supporting schools in developing a culture where positive supports are in place to counterbalance the weight of negative experiences, and where educators are trained to recognize early signs and symptoms of mental health and substance use disorder issues with students.

To learn more about our Child, Youth, and Family supports, contact us or call 970.347.2120.