We know big changes have to begin with hope. Our withdrawal management support program, also known as Island Grove or detox, has a proud history of helping Weld County residents find hope and recovery from substance use disorder. Our short-term stabilization facility is a safe, affordable, and local alternative to a hospital stay, which means you can begin crisis stabilization or withdrawal management treatment while remaining close to home. During the withdrawal process, clients receive safe monitoring of their withdrawal symptoms, as well as onsite counseling.

Upon completing treatment, North Range clients have access to a continuum of care that reaches beyond what you can find elsewhere in Colorado. From residential, to intensive outpatient, to individual and group outpatient support, there is a place for everyone in the North Range network.

If you are unsure of whether to seek help, take our quick online self-assessment.

If you or someone you know needs support with withdrawal management, contact us or call 970.313.1173.

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