North Range Behavioral Health seeks to provide our customers, family members, and the community with additional information that  can assist in their understanding of behavioral health and treatment. In the following pages, learn more about behavioral health, read wellness articles, access research, find out about your consumer rights, and find additional resources through links to websites.

What is Behavioral Health?

resources-introYour behavioral health is your ability to enjoy life, balance your activities and emotions, and cope with the ordinary demands of life. Understanding what behavioral health is can be the first step toward identifying how you can live a fuller, happier life.

Understanding Mental Health

Mental health is just as essential as physical health. It refers to how we think about ourselves and others, how we handle change or stress, or how we think about our life and the issues we face. This includes being able to make good choices and manage emotions, maintain healthy relationships, and feel good about ourselves.

Substance Use and Disorders

Drugs and alcohol can affect how one gets along with others and may interfere with daily life. A substance use disorder may become an addiction. Learn more about the symptoms of disorders and some treatment options.


Wellness can apply to a variety of areas of our lives, such as our emotions, finances, social interactions, and physical health. Access useful resources and articles on wellness topics to help you reach a new level of healthy.

resources-faqFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Additional Information

Find links to several resources that can assist you in finding more information on a variety of topics, such as community resources, mental health, teens/youth, state and national resources, and much more.