Children think and talk about their problems differently than adults. At North Range Behavioral Health, we offer therapies designed especially for children.

  • Individual therapy provides your child with a safe and supportive conversation with a therapist. The therapist will talk to your child about his/her feelings, what events bother them, and ways to think about and cope with those events.
  • Parent-child therapies are particularly effective for treating young children. In these cases, it is important for the parent to understand how to help the child cope with events. Sometimes creating better communication or helping a parent to understand how their young child thinks and understands things is very helpful.
  • Group therapy offers peer power. Children learn how to interact with others, to share experiences, and learn from each other. Groups are particularly helpful for children who experience problems with peers, impulsivity, and attention problems.
  • Family therapy is effective when the problem involves the entire family. Communication skills, positive discipline, and education about how children learn and communicate are included in most family therapies.
  • Multifamily therapy groups include members of several families who are experiencing similar challenges with their children and each other. Just as children learn from each other in the course of group therapy, families learn from sharing experiences and ideas for coping. A therapist guides the discussion and provides insights and education.
  • Specialty therapies help children express feelings and thoughts that are difficult for them to put into words. They also help children learn to relax and pay better attention. Specialty therapies include:
    – Art
    – Music
    – Movement
    – Storytelling
    – Play