Join North Range Behavioral Health’s Suicide Education and Support Services (SESS) at a screening of “Suicide: The Ripple Effect.”

The feature-length, award-winning documentary is a powerful statement about suicide’s ripple effects. The film chronicles Kevin Hines’ personal journey and shares stories of survivors and those left behind-stories that bring hope and healing to others.

Learn more about SESS and the work being done in our communities to prevent suicide and support those whose lives have been touched by it. A community conversation will follow the film.

Screenings are No Cost to the community, but donations are appreciated! Funds raised will support suicide prevention and support in our community.

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More details about the film: USA Cast Look Book

– Watch the trailer below –

Suicide may feel like a solution when one is hopeless and in distress. Those who consider suicide are often in terrible emotional pain. But pain can be healed. Suicide IS preventable.


This pain is temporary – but suicide is a permanent solution. When one can share this pain with others, talk openly about the thoughts of suicide, and feel supported, it is often the first step toward hope, healing, and positive change.

Suicide Education and Support Services (SESS) is dedicated to providing resources to prevent suicide and offering support to those who have lost someone to suicide.

To learn more about the SESS programs or to support suicide prevention in Weld County,
please call 970.313.1160

SESS provides:

Public Awareness
Community outreach reduces the stigma that keeps people from getting help when they are thinking about suicide. Our SESS team presents to businesses, schools, community agencies, and other organizations.

Friends and families of those lost to suicide must bear a grief unlike any other. Consultation, debriefings, and grief support services help individuals, families, schools, and businesses impacted by a suicide.

SESS programs include:

A powerful presentation designed for middle/high schools students, SAFE:Teen teaches warning signs and offers valuable resources.

Heartbeat Postvention Groups
Support groups provide resources, important opportunities to talk about loss and trauma, and fellowship to those bereaved by suicide.

QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) Gatekeeper Training
QPR certifies members of the community to recognize and respond when a person is experiencing a suicide crisis.

QPR Master Training
Become a certified QPR trainer during this full-day workshop. (Cost for class.)

Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Awareness for Men.

In Weld County, men of working age are the most vulnerable to suicide and account for nearly 50 percent of our suicides annually. offers tools and resources that help men tackle stress and other common mental health issues. The 20-Point Head Inspection helps men evaluate their mental health and offers tips to help strengthen and maintain it.

To learn more about SESS programs or to support suicide prevention in Weld County, please call 970.313.1160.