We’ve got an idea.

In this challenging time of isolation and anxiety, we have a safe and caring way for you to connect with others.
Become a North Range Hope Warrior!

To continue to see clients and keep them and our staff safe, North Range Behavioral Health needs face masks and gowns. If you or your family members or friends know how to sew, please help us help others by sewing masks and gowns for our staff and clients.

Step 1: Choose what to make

  • Masks
    • See below for approved design, instructions and tutorial.
    • Some initial mask donations have not held up in the wash or do not fit well on a face. For this reason, masks with shoestring ties and elastic ponytail holders cannot be accepted. Please follow the pattern and supply list below or contact us with questions about modifications. 
    • North Range will provide filters for staff and clients.
  • Gowns:
    • Must be a medical gown that ties in the back; mid-thigh length is sufficient.
    • Any pattern you find, meeting this description will work.
    • All adult sizes are accepted.
  • Headbands:
    • Any design similar to the video (see below) is appreciated.

Step 2: Sign up

Google Sign-up Form

Step 3: Mail or drop off completed items

Crisis Support Services
928 12th Street
Greeley, CO 80631

  • Place in a bag labeled with your contact information and the number of items.
  • North Range Behavioral Health will sanitize all items when we receive them.

*Because of the nationwide shortage of N95 respirators, the CDC has issued new guidelines for protective masks. While a homemade fabric mask will not provide the same level of protection as a standard N95 respirator, the CDC has said that it can still be used to help protect healthcare staff and clients during the pandemic.

For more information, email micaela.sanchez@northrange.org with the subject line SEW FOR HOPE or call 970.347.1309.

Mask Tutorial

View tutorial video here: youtube.com/watch?v=tDt02kUpP9Q

Supplies Needed:
Two – 9” strips of elastic cord
One – 4” strip of cloth-covered floral wire. The cloth on the wire is important, as it provides added comfort.
One – 14” w x 8” h piece cotton fabric.

Headband Example