IPS helps people bring out the best in themselves. When you’re dealing with unseen disabilities, it is difficult to break the barriers, even with your own self-esteem or self-worth. IPS … Read More


"North Range has emphasized my strengths, rather than focusing on my mental illness. I have experienced forgiveness, patience, and understanding. I am able to focus on work and live in … Read More


"I am thankful for such great support, encouragement, and inspiration! You all really have been an answer to prayers. You all have motivated me to understand that I'm not alone, … Read More

Abby Hicks

North Range is helping to fill a huge gap in suicide prevention in our area. Our kids truly appreciate having honest and relatable conversations about mental health and suicide.

Daniel Darting

North Range’s COVID behavioral health unit helped so many clients caught in the middle of this pandemic. Even in the most difficult times, North Range has stayed true to their … Read More